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Ferry Verhoeve

I am an energetic, always cheerful product and account manager with many (technical) skills and a wealth of experience in sales, product management and financial management.

I currently have some hours per week available (on an invoice basis) and can in addition to my commitment, experience and knowledge, offer a favorable rate.
All in so no payroll tax, vacation pay, sick pay etc. but just a net amount per hour worked.
I am perfectly capable of functioning as a “spider in the web”, project supervisor, organizer, technical support, product training and office manager.

 Minimum 8 hours, for more hours I like to give a discount on the hourly rate.


Are you looking for a reliable and experienced professional to ensure the smooth operation of your business? Allow me to introduce myself as your dedicated Office Manager. I not only take the administrative burden off your shoulders but also have a passion for supporting startups in establishing their businesses.

Here’s what I can offer you:

Administrative Efficiency: I ensure the seamless execution of your daily administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: the growth of your business.

Start-up Support: As an experienced entrepreneur, I understand the challenges that startups face. I provide practical guidance in setting up your business, including advice on administrative processes and strategies for a smooth start.

Administrative Advice: I am not just an Office Manager; I am also your advisor when it comes to administration. Receive professional advice on optimizing your financial processes and implementing effective administrative systems.

Business Presentation and Promotion: Let me help your business stand out in the market by assisting in developing a strong business presentation and promotion strategy. From defining your brand identity to setting up marketing campaigns, I am ready to make your business shine.

Website Creation: Do you want an impressive online presence? I can not only provide advice on how to present your business online but also set up a professional website that reflects the essence of your company.

Allow me to elevate your business to new heights by alleviating administrative burdens and providing strategies for successful entrepreneurship. Contact me today for a non-committal introductory meeting!


Ferry verhoeve

from 1978 till 1990 I ran a studio with my best friend, Rien van Nieuwenhuizen, first in Rien’s attic near the Hollands railroad in The Hague, later in Pijnacker. We made various productions and gradually the studio became more professional and we also worked for others. In 1990 I decided to use my knowledge of studio equipment and technique in general as a consultant in the field of studio construction and sales. Years later I returned to being a studio engineer and started to focus on Mastering



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Between 1990 and 2014, I held the role of Product/Account Manager with various Dutch importers, spearheading the representation of renowned brands including Marshall, Korg, Digitech, JBL, Soundcraft, and Shure across the BeNeLux region.

During this period, I played a pivotal role in the triumphant introduction of the inaugural digital mixing console by Spirit, a subsidiary of Soundcraft. Additionally, I contributed significantly as a member of the English post-development team.

Tipbook Company

I thoroughly enjoyed working for several years as a sales and promotion lean at this very Dutch publisher of the popular Tipbook series for instruments. I was able to take credit for the addition of the Chinese, Italian and English and American markets, which increased sales exponentially. Maintaining the foreign relations (publishers) and the local bookshop were among my tasks there.


Subsequently, I transitioned to the position of Account Manager at the Dutch musicians’ magazine, Musicmaker. In this capacity, my responsibilities encompassed advertisement sales, promotional initiatives, communication strategies, and event coordination. This multifaceted role allowed me to leverage my expertise in fostering effective communication channels and organizing impactful events within the dynamic music industry landscape.

Trade shows

Ferry verhoeve
Ferry verhoeve
Ferry verhoeve


With 1988 as my first, I visited the NAMM show in Los Angeles and the Frankfurter Musik messe every year, among other functions, as an advertising acquisition manager for Musicmaker magazine and as a Sales Manager for various companies and brands such as Mackie, Soundcraft, JBL and countless others. During these shows I made many (music) friends and also met a celebrity here and there.

# ferry Verhoeve 


I was educated as an electronic engineer / instrument maker at the Anthony Fokker school for aviation  and electronics in The Hague and started my career as an electronic aviation instrument maker at KLM. 

I used my technical skills and education at companies like Xerox (service engineer), as an audio technician in my own and other studios and as a consultant in the 90’s where I advised on sound studio construction and also gave acoustical advice.


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